All the Things: Everything Writers are Reading/Watching/Listening to in the Time of COVID-19

I think everyone agrees: These are strange, strange days that we are living in. While many writers are loving the opportunity to stay in and write, sooner or later everyone finds themselves feeling the bizarre, changing nature of all of our lives born of the onset of COVID-19.

Here is what I am hearing from my clients daily on our zoom and Skype calls: we need all of the resources, inspiration and support to get us through these strange days and keep all of us productive, not to mention inspired. Therefore, with the help of the Twitterverse, my always thoughtful clients and so many friends on Facebook, I set out to find out what writers out there are watching, reading, listening to and even buying to keep them on track during these unusual times. 

So… What are some of those resources that are helping screenwriters and TV writers along their shelter-in-place/safer-at-home paths?  Let’s break it down:

Stuff to Buy:

  • Final Draft is now offering 20% off its software. They’ve also extended the Early Bird deadline for the Final Draft Big Break Contest, allowing writers to submit at the lowest price point for a longer period. 
  • Roadmap Writers is offering a whole bunch of free things throughout the month of April to celebrate their 4 year anniversary, as well 10% off site wide with coupon code STAYCREATIVE.
  • ISA is offering 20% off membership for ISAConnect, bringing it to $80 (vs $10/month). The code is APRCN1.
  • Lastly, there’s my Monthly Online Career Coaching, which I just launched! Less than $35 for monthly goal setting, insights and accountability.

Productivity Tools

  • Writer’s Wright Journal; While the journal is currently sold out and being re-stocked, Greta, its creator, is offering a low-cost download as a stop-gap.  
  • Miro has a great online whiteboard for individuals and teams.
  • And finally, there is the more expensive collaboration solution, Writers Room Pro

Free Online Panels, Courses, Talks, Masterclasses, Events and More:

Stuff to Read: From COVID-19 Writerly Survival Tips to Fellowship Spec Formatting and Screenplay/TV Pilot Repositories

Things to Do (Virtually, of course):

Other Websites to Check Out:

Stuff to Join- Facebook Groups Worth Checking Out:

Stuff to Listen To – Podcasts Writers are Loving Right Now:

Are there any other podcasts, events, websites, blogs, free classes, or other resources you’re loving right now and want to see added to this list? Include them in the comment section, or, using my Contact Form, send them over to me and I will update this blog post to include them!