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Screenwriters Support Group (online)

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An online screenwriting community dedicated to
Lead by Lee Jessup & Pilar Alessandra

Our 4x Live Monthly Sessions Include:

  • Industry updates
  • Live Craft & Career Q&A’s
  • Live script editing demos 
  • Special guests including working writers, reps & more
  • Logline, pitch and personal narrative workshops
  • Focused monthly lecture & discussion
  • Upcoming Sessions:
    • Thur 6/13 @ 5pm, Craft with Pilar: Cracking Structure for TV & Film
    • Thur 6/20 @5pm, Career: Special guest lit manager Jason Lubin
    • Thur 6/27 @5pm, Craft: Live page edits
    • Thur 7/4 – NO SESSION DUE TO 4TH OF JULY
    • Thur 7/11 @5pm, Craft with Pilar
    • Thur 7/18 @5pm, Special guest: Hallmark Director of Development & Programming Elisa Oliveras 

In 2024 no sessions on the following dates: 7/4, 11/28, 12/19, 12/26.


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Community. Guidance. Connectivity.

Don’t pursue your screenwriting career in a vacuum! Screenwriters Support Group, lead by two of the industry’s leading consultants Pilar Alessandra & Lee Jessup, is here to help you develop your craft, build your screenwriting community, meet working pros, get answers to your burning craft & career questions, and gain the knowledge you need to build, grow and sustain your screenwriting career.

Screenwriters Support Group (SSG) meets via Zoom four times a month. Sessions include:

  • Industry updates
  • Focused Craft & Career lectures and discussions
  • Real-time screenplay edit demos for style & craft development
  • Special guests including literary managers and working writers
  • Logline, pitch and personal narrative workshops

Your monthly membership enables you to…

  • Access the session live, or receive a recording the next day
  • Participate in monthly craft & career workshops
  • Stay connected with your community and the industry
  • Submit script pages for live script edit demos
  • Participate in live sessions with special guests including working writers and reps
  • Access group Facebook page
  • Access industry scripts, reports and other materials as they become available
  • 10% discount on all one-on-one career coaching services

Group sessions (4 per month) will take place via Zoom. If you are unable to participate in the live session, a recording of the live session will be distributed to the group the next day. 

Members are encouraged to sign up for the complete Craft & Career group in order to make the most of what SSG has to offer. However, members may opt to sign up only for Craft or Career groups if they prefer. 

Should Lee or Pilar be out sick, on vacation or have a scheduling conflict, session may be rescheduled.

One-on-One Coaching Rate (full price):

Career Coaching Intake Session (no script read) $230
Career Coaching Intake Session (with script read) $400
Complete Coaching Pack: Intake Session, 5-Session Pack $925
Complete Coaching Pack: Intake Session, Script Read, 5-Session Pack $,1075
Complete Coaching Pack: Intake Session, 10-Session Pack $1,495
Complete Coaching Pack: Intake Session, Script Read, 10-Session Pack $1,649
Annual Unlimited Coaching Plan, Intake Session $3,195
Annual Unlimited Coaching Plan, Intake Session, Script read $3,350

If purchased as stand-alone following your intake session, the rates for ongoing coaching as of January 1, 2020 are:

  • Individual Coaching Session         $180
  • 5-Session Coaching Pack               $750
  • 10-Session Coaching Pack             $1,350
  • AUCP  (Annual Unlimited)           $3,000*
  • Script Reads (Feature script, up to 120 pages)              $200
  • Script Reads (1-hour pilot script, up to 65 pages)         $180
  • Script Reads (1/2-hour pilot script, up to 38 pages)    $160

Packs and individual coaching sessions are only available for purchase post-intake.

*available in 2 payment installments of $1,500 each, the first due upon launch of AUCP, the second due 2 months later. If you are interested in the AUCP, but would like to pay in 2 installments, please email

Below are rules, regulations, standards and expectations for Lee’s monthly online Screenwriters Support Group (SSG).

  • All group sessions will be moderated by Career Coach Lee Jessup
  • Screenwriters Support Group Members may participate in the live SSG session, or listen to the recording of the session following its live recording
  • Sessions will take place twice a month, with each session lasting up to 1-hour. 
  • Upon subscription, you will receive an email with all the pertinent information regarding your membership in Lee’s monthly SSG.
  • You will also receive an invitation to join the private Facebook page for participating Screenwriters Support Group members.
  • Monthly SSG sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons at 5pm PST, every other Thursday. Session dates/times are subject to change based on Lee’s schedule. 
  • There will only be one live group session in December, and in any month when Lee is due to be on vacation during scheduled group sessions. The second monthly session on those months will be pre-recorded. 
  • You will receive log-in information prior to each SSG session. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions within the email and participate in the live call.
  • You will be invited to pre-submit questions for each Q & A session as well as for special guests at least 2 days ahead of SSG sessions. 
  • Every attempt will be made to include live questions in the session as well. 
  • All questions pre-submitted by SSG members in the time allotted will be answered in the monthly group session. If multiple questions are submitted on a single topic, they may be consolidated into an expanded single question.
  • You will receive a full recording of the session within 24-48 hours of the group session.
  • SSG members are requested NOT to share session recordings with non-group members. A violation of this request may cause the termination of membership.
  • You may cancel your membership/subscription to SSG at any time. 
  • If, within the first 30-days of your subscription, you decide to cancel your subscription and would like to receive your money back, please CONTACT LEE and request for your subscription to be refunded.
  • While this is a career-driven support group rather than a writer’s group, members are encouraged to connect with other writers within the group for networking purposes.
  • Lee will bring special guests to group sessions. Those guests may include working writers, agents, managers, lawyers, producers, script readers, consultants, and other industry professionals. While you are welcome to follow or friend our special guests through social media if they are available there, please respect their privacy beyond the group session. 
  • All members of this SSG must conduct themselves with integrity, maintain respect for one another, and appreciate business boundaries with both other members and group moderator. Failure to do so within the group setting or on the group’s Facebook page will mean immediate termination of membership.
  • If you have any further questions, please CONTACT LEE

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