Got Questions?

Want to learn more about what my coaching services do – and do not – offer? Here is a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions:

What are the benefits of becoming an ongoing coaching client?

Clients who have purchased a Coaching Package or an Annual Unlimited Coaching Plan (AUCP) are my ongoing clients. When you commit to ongoing career coaching, we work from session to session, executing goals that feed into your larger career aspirations. In addition to meeting on a regular basis and making sure you are on task, accountable for your work, executing goals and meeting expectations, I touch base with you regularly via text, email or phone, to ensure that you are staying on track with goals and deadlines, adjusting to any unforeseen challenges, and addressing any unexpected hurdles that come up. Additional benefits include:

  • Priority for scheduling meetings
  • Complimentary outline and treatment reviews for documents up to 15 pages

What is your coaching philosophy?

My first and only loyalty is to the writer, and every writer is distinctive; years of working with writers have taught me that while there may be shared experiences, shared sensibilities and shared goals, no two writers are exactly the same. I bring my 20+ years of industry experience with both emerging and professional writers to my work, as well as ongoing information gathered from my friends in representation, development and production, to help encourage,  support, inform, tailor and direct progress. My interest is in helping the writer prepare himself for the industry, build upon an existing brand, develop and sustain a meaningful industry identity while fostering and nurturing relevant, long-standing relationships that will generate consequential opportunities, all  while navigating the challenging and ever-changing industry space effectively.

What sort of writers do you work with?

My clients include everyone from working writers who have sold specs and pitches to studios and production companies, to writers staffed on television shows, contest winners, television fellows, and also those in the early stages of emerging who are still figuring out their brand and building their body of work. The common thread with all of my clients is that they all want to approach their screenwriting as a business – whether they are just starting out or managing a thriving career.

Do you work with screenwriters only, or all creative types?

My expertise lies in the screenwriting and storytelling space. I work with screenwriters, screenwriter-directors, and directors.

How often do you meet with your ongoing clients?

The frequency of ongoing meetings is dependent entirely upon your needs as a writer. While one client may take a year to work through a 5-pack, another may opt to meet every few weeks to ensure that he is staying on track. The bottom line is that meetings are scheduled based on what is most helpful to you.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Yes. Everything you tell me and everything we talk about remains between us. I will not reveal your information or betray your trust. It is important that we create an environment where you feel free to say anything, display any emotion, and express any insecurity without concern for what anyone else would think. 

Are you a writing coach?

No. My work focuses almost entirely on career development, from brand-appropriate idea development all the way through to relationship management and strategic development. While I do read scripts for my clients as a courtesy, I do not provide any sort of written screenplay coverage or script notes. While I do work with my clients, in broad strokes, on story and content, my focus is career centric. If you are looking for a writing coach or screenplay consultant specifically, there are many who do this in the screenwriting space. I would be happy to recommend a screenplay consultant or script reader if that is what you’re looking for.

Do you provide coverage or written notes?

No. I don’t provide any sort of written notes. During sessions, I will provide broad strokes verbal notes, reflecting my impressions and opinions of any material submitted. The writer is welcome to record me while I do so, or take notes himself.

What are your career coaching tools?

My career coaching tools include:

  • Career Goal Sheets (set of 5)
  •  Monthly Progress Reports
  •  Weekly Goal Planner
  •  Brand Builder
  •  Submission Tracking Worksheet
  •  Project Planner
  •  Contact Tracking Worksheet
  •  Project Pitch Cheat Sheet

and many others!

Are you a manager?

Like a manager, I work with clients with a focus on creative development. But that is where the comparison ends. For those without representation, I work with my writers as a pre-manager manager. By no means am I a replacement. In the simplest terms, I am not going to solicit or secure work or deals for you. However, working with me will prepare you for industry expectations, keep you on track with your goals, and assign you work that will help bring you closer to success, much as a manager does.

For writers with representation, coaching services help you manage and optimize your representation relationships and keep to your deadlines, capitalize on emerging opportunities, prepare for important meetings, and drive towards success.  

Can I hire you to get me an agent or a manager?

No. I do not introduce screenplays or screenwriters to the industry for a fee. While it is true that on occasion I will find a screenplay that I truly fall in love with and therefore introduce to a few colleagues for representation, development and production, this does not happen often. In order to continue to get reads for my writers whenever I find a worthy script, I have to ensure that I only share material that is of the highest quality with my industry colleagues because the industry’s standards are incredibly high. Accordingly, I have to be relentlessly discerning. Many of my clients have gone on to secure representation with my input and guidance, but without my industry connections. Just because I don’t think that a particular script is right or ready for my colleagues in the industry and their particular taste does not mean that I will not do my best to help you carve your own path to representation.

Do you accept every prospective client?

While, pending availability, I will do an intake with every prospective client that knocks on my virtual door, from novice to professional, ongoing coaching is NOT guaranteed. The intake session allows me the opportunity to not only assess your station and skill set, but also to determine whether we will be a fit for coaching. Elements such as skill level, attitude and career vision will factor into my decision as to whether or not we should continue together, and I would be happy to discuss those with you once my assessment is made. 

Once I’ve qualified for ongoing coaching, can I work with you as long as I want?

Once you’ve begun ongoing coaching, we will re-assess your progress prior to the last session of your pack. My objective for my clients in consistent forward motion. If proper, reasonable progress, either creative or strategic, is not made, or if you’ve consistently missed deadlines or not completed tasks we’ve agreed on, then moving forward together might not be constructive. 

Do you work with both Film and TV writers?

Yes. I work with film writers, television writers, graphic-novelists, novelists, and short story writers. My pro writers include feature writers who have sold both specs and features, as well as television writers who are or have been staffed on television shows, sold pilots to networks, and worked in writers’ rooms. 

What are the benefits of a coaching pack?
  • Priority booking over non-pack clients
  • A set number of pre-paid, reduced price sessions (5 or 10)
  • Access to coaching tools including ongoing Career Coaching Progress Reports, Career Goals Sheets, Brand Builder, and more
  • Ability to trade sessions for reads as needed
  • Ongoing email access
  • Progress and deadline checks  

What are the benefits of an Annual Unlimited Coaching Plan?
  • Unlimited in-person, Skype or phone coaching sessions (scheduled in 1-hour increments)
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Access to Lee’s complete suite of coaching tools including ongoing Progress Reports, Career Goals Sheets, Brand Builder, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, Recommended Manager’s List and more
  • Priority bookings for meetings
  • Complimentary essay reviews
  • Complimentary outline reviews up to 10-pages
  • Progress and deadline checks  

Are coaching packs or coaching plans refundable?

Regretfully, both coaching packs and the Annual Unlimited Coaching Plan are non-refundable. I can only work with so many many writers at any one time, and therefore consider my number of active long-term clients, with active packs or plans, before launching sales or committing to new coaching relationships.

I am an established writer. How will you work with me?

I will work with you to ensure that your career is progressing in the way you want it to. We will discuss your current management, long term goals and aspirations, as well as ongoing challenges. Branding will be evaluated and potentially adjusted. Coaching will help you prepare material for producers and representation, and set you up for the career that you’re aiming for, rather then the career your handlers are positioning you for. 

So… does working with you guarantee me a writing career?

Nothing can guarantee a screenwriting career. Except for Spielberg, maybe. Building a screenwriting career takes skill, dedication, hard work and determination combined with having the right script or skillset at the right time in the right place. BUT (and this is a big But), working with me will give you a real chance to reach that success. And if you don’t manage to build the screenwriting career of your dreams, you will never have to question whether or not you’ve done all you could.

If I purchase a script read, are you the person reading my script?

Yes. If you purchase a script read as part of your intake session, or at any time during our coaching relationship, I will read your screenplay or TV pilot. However, I may, at my discretion, opt to also get coverage on your screenplay or pilot at no cost to you if I feel need for a second opinion.  

How long is a coaching session?

My initial session, the Career Coaching Intake Session, generally lasts 60 minutes. Career coaching sessions are 1-hour sessions.

If my session only goes half an hour, will you credit me back 50%?

No. Sessions are billed in 1-hour increments. In order to maximize your hour, I highly recommend preparing questions and topics you would like to explore during your session, and I will do the same on my end. You’ll be amazed how quickly an hour goes by! 

Do I have to live in Los Angeles to work with you?

No. I work with clients from all over the world, and we tailor their action plans based on their locales and what is available to them. While I often meet with Los Angeles based writers in person, my sessions with remote clients are conducted over Skype or phone. 

Do you provide coaching sessions outside of regular business hours?

My coaching hours are:

  • Mondays: 9am-4pm 
  • Tuesdays: 9am-4pm
  • Wednesdays: 9am-5pm
  • Thursdays: 9am-4pm
  • Fridays: 9am-3pm 

After-hour phone/Skype sessions are available upon request.

I am still not sure about coaching. Can we talk about it?

Sure. All potential clients are eligible for a 15-minute phone consultation. Contact me and we will set up a time to talk and explore whether coaching is the right fit for you.

One More Question?

Do you have additional questions, or are you still not sure about coaching? Email me any lingering questions, and I will be happy to answer them for you. Additionally, I offer prospective clients a 10-15 minute phone consults to further discuss the benefits of working together, so email me and we will schedule a time to talk.

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