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Career Nugget Videos

Identifying the Screenwriting Career You Want -Video 10

What Does it Take to Build a Screenwriting Career? -Video 9

When Is My Screenplay Ready for the Industry? -Video 8

When Is the Right Time to Send My Screenplay for Notes? -Video 7

Writing towards the career you want – TV – Video 6

Writing towards the career you want – Features – Video 5

Do I have to live in Los Angeles? – Video 4

Know Your Structure – Video 3

Development Resources – Video 2

The Importance of Great Script – Video 1

Career Nuggets Introduction

Featured Film Courage Videos

When A Screenwriter Says, “This Is The Greatest Script You Will Ever Read”

What Writers Really Need To Know About Writing For Television

Questions A Screenwriter Should Ask Agents & Managers

Film Courage Videos

Lee Jessup on Taking Notes: Do’s & Don’ts

Do Screenwriters Need to Live in Los Angeles?

Never Letting Go – 29 Screenwriting Mistakes

The Screenwriter’s Road to Failure

How To Get A Screenwriting Agent And Manager

Best Way For A Screenwriter To Build Relationships In Hollywood

Can a Bad Writer Become Great?

Is it a good idea to write to the market?

How many screenplays should a writer write each year?

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