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EXCLUSIVE: Final Draft Coaching Package

$1,250.00 $895.00

Celebrate Lee Jessup’s longstanding relationship with Final Draft with an exclusive, custom coaching package! Each package comes complete with:

  • Career Coaching Intake Session
  • A complimentary script read
  • A 5-Session Coaching Pack
  • A signed copy of Lee’s 2014 release, GETTING IT WRITE
  • A complete set of Lee’s proprietary Screenwriting Career Goals planning sheets
  • Lee’s proprietary 1-page Brand Assessment Brief – not available elsewhere for purchase!
  • Complimentary outline and treatment reviews (up to 8 pages per session)


Product Description

Celebrating my longstanding relationship with Final Draft, where I am the official career coach to Final Draft’s Big Break contest winners, I am offering – for a limited time only – unique custom coaching packages exclusive for Final Draft’s customers and newsletter subscribers.

Included in these exclusive packages are:

Career coaching focuses on helping the writer develop both creatively and strategically. Areas of discussion and exploration will include:

  • Setting effective, strategic career goals
  • Defining and extending the writer’s brand
  • Ongoing development of the writer’s body of work
  • Identifying and pursuing various tested channels for breaking in
  • Optimizing relationships, from representation to executives and screenwriting community
  • Preparing for writing program submissions, meetings and pitches
  • Dealing with and resolving industry challenges effectively
  • Setting effective deadlines and creating lasting productivity

If purchased as stand-alones, the rates for ongoing coaching are:

  • Individual Coaching Session         $150 
  • 5-Session Coaching Pack               $650
  • 10-Session Coaching Pack             $1,200
  • AUCP  (Annual Unlimited)           $2,700*
  • Script Reads (Feature script, up to 120 pages)              $150
  • Script Reads (1-hour pilot script, up to 65 pages)         $150
  • Script Reads (1/2-hour pilot script, up to 38 pages)    $125

Packs and individual coaching sessions are only available for purchase post-intake.

*available in 2 payment installments of $1,350 each, the first due upon launch of AUCP, the second due 2 months later.

Submission & Cancellation Policy for All Coaching Packages

Submission Policy 

  • Treatment and outline reviews, up to 8 pages per submission per session, are complimentary for pack and AUCP clients.
  • Treatments and outlines that are 2-3 pages must be submitted 24 hours prior to the session to allow time for review.
  • Treatments and outlines that are 4+ pages must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the session to allow time for review.
  • If we agreed that you will submit a full script for review prior to a session, please be sure to turn it in 5 business days prior to the session unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Pack clients may trade one coaching session in a coaching pack for a script read.

Scheduling Your Sessions: 

  • Sessions are scheduled accordingly:
    In-person sessions in Culver City on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays; Phone & Skype sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays, as well as after hours
  • Location for in-person meetings is non-negotiable
  • Intake sessions usually take 2-4 weeks to schedule, pending availability
  • Coaching sessions should be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance, with a longer lead time if limited to specific dates/time slots
  • Sessions are scheduled in 1-hour increments, except for the intake session, for which 60-90 minutes will be allocated

Cancellation Policy

  • Coaching packages are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • While I do try to send out confirmation emails, it is your responsibility to remember the date/time you booked for your next session
  • Pack clients: In order to not be charged for a cancelled session, sessions must be cancelled or postponed 24 hours in advance, to allow for the time slot to be re-booked
  • Pack clients: Sessions that are cancelled on the same day or within less than 24 hours will be forfeited, and you will be charged for the session
  • AUCP clients who miss 3 sessions or more without prior cancellation may be subject to having their plan terminated without refund
  • Exceptions will be made in the rare case of a true emergency

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